Systembooks - 212 Early Spring by Cheepicus

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After the 2nd year, population is up to 46. I feel sorry for the poor peasants and soap makers who came down off the ramp and were immediately assigned to engraving.

Point of Interest: Overview

( 212 Early Spring → 212 Late Winter )

The forges to the south are churning out brass bars, and most of the 47 residents even have beds. An armory has been built to the SW, and a crafting complex in the NE. Once the Smoother Squad has finished with the diorite walls and even smoothing under those stockpiles, they will begin paving the streets in earnest. I'm sure they can't wait.

The rhesus macaque in the kennels is, so far, the fortresses sole invader. - Cheepicus

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-09-29 to 211 Early Spring

Not enough food to entice migrants?

Submitted by: Cheepicus - 2009-09-29 to 211 Early Spring

They care about food? I thought they only cared about created wealth, which is 38100. I definitely wasted time dumping rocks out of stockpile space I wasn't using.

Submitted by: Cheepicus - 2009-09-29 to 211 Early Spring

Got 20 in mid-spring, huzzah.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-09-30 to 212 Early Spring

Ahh, cool, I like the new layout, its really neat, and the overview looks easy to understand. I think my patterns have always been a bit too small / intricate, but those rooms look the perfect size.

RE: Wealth - food is very valuable, or at least can be if prepared right. I run all my trade off the value of cooked food.

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Submitted by: Cheepicus - 2009-10-01 to 212 Early Spring

It's not very efficient but it's fun to build -- really fun to try to make each cell a little self-contained thing. Which lets me also be small and intricate.

These cells might be a little too big, actually.. I might start again with smaller cells.

The whole point of course is to avoid using the z-axis as much as possible to try to get away from those central stairwell type of forts.

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