Free Merchants - 10 Early Spring by Mechanoid

Map Description:

After surviving a pair of goblin "ambushes" every other season for three years, i grew bored of my creation and abandoned it. Seeking to get more dwarves in the second reclaim, the first reclaim was about 30 dwarves and headed for the adamantine. All of them were axe dwarves, and fought the demons over the chasm in the related movie.

This map is the aftermath of the failed second reclaim. Of seventy (70) spear dwarves only one remains alive, though mangled in the left upper leg and without food or drink.

Never, ever engage tentacle demons (or any demon really) in melee without very highly skilled and well equiped dwarves. Normal skilled dwarves with basic quality is simply not enough, no matter how many number you may have.

Point of Interest: Welcome to Free Merchants

The miasma will never go away. - Mechanoid

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Submitted by: Cheepicus - 2009-09-30 to 10 Early Spring

Nice epic fortress death.

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