Muckgrotto - Martin - 108 Early Spring by martin

Map Description:

Submission for DFM2 - Muckgrotto survival challenge

Point of Interest: 10,000 Foot View

Yes, this is the embark level. The 10,000 foot view of the map shows the megaproject quite clearly - the majority of the map has been collapsed eliminating the aquifer layers. This serves two purposes:
1) Ninja spawns are restricted away from the entrance for the majority of the map, allowing the dwarves to best control the fortress defenses. Occasionally spawns will occur on the central area around the magma moat but the first level of the glass tower houses the armory/barracks and marksdwarves are constantly on station there. A set of traps serves as a last-resort defense to the main part of the fortress.
2) by eliminating the majority of the aquifer, the dwarves are free to build pretty much any wider structures on the map that they desire without risk of flooding. There remains the ninja spawn threat, but it's still a big improvement.

The perimeter of the map has a 5-wide natural access so that the fortress is still fully accessible from any part of the map and wagon caravans (trees permitting) can approach from any direction.

11 dwarves died during the fortress life, by a variety of means. At least one was immolated by magma, one somehow got stranded in a channel that was to get flooded and died of thirst, a few by harpies and the like, most by gobbos, but there was a nice assortment of deaths. There were a rather large number of injuries - either to mining accidents, gobbos, wildlife, so there was much health care employed in spite of the few deaths.

At the peak there were 48 miners, all legendary I believe. That's the most I've ever employed. The aquifer collapse was an absolutely massive undertaking and if not for a large number of mining experiments to find a time-efficient way to channel it never would have been completed in time. A detailed write up of that will be put in the forums and probably on the wiki.

The miners were drafted into the masonry corps so that there were approximately 60 masons working on the towers and bridge. - martin

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-09-27 to 108 Early Spring

Wow... simply wow. A tremendous fort, a superb megaproject.

Submitted by: DetailsInside - 2009-09-27 to 108 Early Spring

This.......this is nice.
Love the circular tower.
3D picture anywhere?

Submitted by: martin - 2009-09-28 to 108 Early Spring

No, I can't seem to get the visualizers to work. The saves are uploaded and I'd appreciate if anyone can run the final fort through one of them.

Submitted by: Caranha - 2009-09-28 to 108 Early Spring

Indeed a suberb fort!

But what are the "downramps" in the middle of the sky on level 16?

Submitted by: martin - 2009-09-28 to 108 Early Spring

The ramps are a bug. When you collapse a level, the down ramps from the level above don't collapse with it, they just hang there. I forgot to clean that up when I did the final collapse.

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