Facepalm the Ace of Cages - 3 Early Spring by Ieb

Map Description:

Found an oddity, a worldgen made natural aqueduct for the brook.

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Submitted by: Harvick - 2009-09-26 to 3 Early Spring

Looks like a great map for an underwater fortress, if you can bear the fps while the water is pouring out

Submitted by: Ieb - 2009-09-26 to 3 Early Spring

This is a place for a community fort, after I told people about this they're all for building a tower that will be in the middle of the flooded part of the map, connected to the "mainland" by bridges.

But yeah, my FPS is borked at the moment. Then again, it started from 40, and now rolls on 15.

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You can download the compressed map file: 2009-09/ieb-Facepalm the Ace of -region1-3-2534.fdf-map but you will need the .NET version of SL's DF Map Compressor to convert to the .PNG image format.