Orbcomet - 214 Late Autumn by Lemunde

Map Description:

Well a pike managed to kill a dwarf gathering some wood. I took my marksdwarves over to it's pond and put it in it's place. Other than that, the death fish haven't been giving me too much trouble.

I was right about the metal ore. It's all over the place. Iron, copper, silver and platinum are confirmed.

I've been doing most of my trading with marble crafts from my legendary stone crafter. That means each marble stone has the potential to produce crafts of a value of 720. My stone crafter can churn these out at about 1 every ten seconds so it really adds up.

Point of Interest: Entrance

- Lemunde

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Submitted by: NevrGivUp - 2009-09-23 to 211 Late Spring

Dem some spiffy river-stream-thingies.

Submitted by: Tilesetconfused - 2009-09-25 to 214 Late Autumn

What beautiful tileset are you using? It looks better than the default Mike Mayday I'm using.

Submitted by: Lemunde - 2009-09-26 to 214 Late Autumn

It's my own modification. You can find it on the tileset repository on the Dwarf Fortress Wiki.

Submitted by: Bharani - 2009-10-02 to 214 Late Autumn

I've found your tileset, but what about your dwarf graphics? Those are the best I've seen. If they are private, I implore you to release them.

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