Orbcomet - 211 Late Spring by Lemunde

Map Description:

New map and the fortress digging is under way. I think this map is going to be a lot of fun. Lots of water works all over the place and a few challenges to keep me on my toes. Without even digging I can already see a wide variety of metal ores.

Point of Interest: Entrance

- Lemunde

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Submitted by: NevrGivUp - 2009-09-23 to 211 Late Spring

Dem some spiffy river-stream-thingies.

Submitted by: Tilesetconfused - 2009-09-25 to 214 Late Autumn

What beautiful tileset are you using? It looks better than the default Mike Mayday I'm using.

Submitted by: Lemunde - 2009-09-26 to 214 Late Autumn

It's my own modification. You can find it on the tileset repository on the Dwarf Fortress Wiki.

Submitted by: Bharani - 2009-10-02 to 214 Late Autumn

I've found your tileset, but what about your dwarf graphics? Those are the best I've seen. If they are private, I implore you to release them.

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You can download the compressed map file: 2009-09/lemunde-Orbcomet-region2-211-7154.fdf-map but you will need the .NET version of SL's DF Map Compressor to convert to the .PNG image format.