Nmzon "Godhelm" - 1053 Late Spring by Tarrasque

Map Description:

This is the first post for a fortress I am documenting the growth of on the forums. The setting is a Glacial map with obviously no trees and no vegitation. The creatures level is set to Haunted and has all contacts. This is the second year right as I am carving out an underground forest in the front of my fortress and about to startup the forges' production en masse. I hope you enjoy the growth of this small outpost to a full grown Clanhold.

I got a great name as well! Hah!

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-08-24 to 1053 Late Spring

Yay, another glacier map. Will you be making dazzling helms for all your dwarves, detailed with god like engravings (gems, shells, metal...)?

Submitted by: matryx - 2007-08-24 to 1053 Late Spring

Nah - I think Godhelms refers to the staple food diet of the dwarves.
Ambrosia? pfft - that's for elves. We eat GodHelms!

Submitted by: Tarrasque - 2007-08-25 to 1053 Late Spring

Bah, you bloody buggers should know ye better! The name comes from us being on top o de world! This be the helm of the world and it shall be god-like!

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-08-25 to 1054 Late Autumn

A link to the forum post would be handy :)
I see you've shifted the core of your fort to pre-chasm, are you expecting any sieges on this map?

Submitted by: Tarrasque - 2007-08-26 to 1054 Late Autumn

Here is the Godhelm forum post

I sure as hell hope so. I would love to see the goblins get entrapped into my little defenses I have planned. It should be fun soon. In the next post I plan on pissing off the chasm to get some more action going.

Submitted by: Savok - 2007-08-26 to 1054 Late Autumn

How do you deal with dead shrubs in an underground forest?

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-08-26 to 1054 Late Autumn

Cool, thanks for the forum link... makes much more sense now! Having some background reading always brings forts to life more so then just cantering around the maps.

Submitted by: Tarrasque - 2007-08-27 to 1054 Late Autumn

I normally just leave them there. It doesn't bother me that they are around. I am working on efficiency so I don't have as many wilted plants.

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