Tourneyvale 6x5 embark - 201 Early Spring by Pendragon

Map Description:

An embark site for a shared game. Instead of a succession game, we're taking the same map and each doing our version of a fortress on the site. I guess you could call it a comparison game.

This site is the Resource Rich Starting Location in the wiki's Pregenerated Worlds page, moved two local-tiles to the right, minus the bottom row. It keeps the magma, sand, flux stone and lots of deadly, delicious carp. Moving it over two tiles makes the magma a little easier to work with (it's not right on the edge) and gives more naturally-defensible terrain, thanks to the rivers.

Point of Interest: Start

- Pendragon

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Submitted by: Harvick - 2009-09-22 to 201 Early Spring

Seems interesting, looking forward to seeing the different forts (If the others post theirs)

Submitted by: Pendragon - 2009-09-22 to 201 Early Spring

Thanks, Harvick. I actually put this up as a faster way to let the players see what they'll be dropped into, since we're coordinating it via email. Not a bad idea though, I'll see if they're up for it. Still in planning stages, haven't decided on a time frame yet...

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