Channeleddawn - 304 Early Spring by Harvick

Map Description:

Decided to take on an underwater fort this time around, couldn't have found a better location than this. Also, there is an aquifer here, throughout the whole map, may be game-breaking, may not be, but I brought 2 woodcutters along instead of 2 miners to make up for it.

Point of Interest: Wagon

- Harvick

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Submitted by: Harvick - 2009-09-20 to 304 Early Spring

Well, instant problem, hunter got injured, and all i have is salt water, so i tried to pump some salt water into a resovior and it still was salt water, does anybody have proof that water turns fresh when pumped? So anyways, I ended up tearing apart the whole place (I know but I wanted to see if i could get fresh water) and it wouldnt work, so i ended the process, planning on starting from the beginning, and when my game opens back up, no save file. Forgot to put YES on initial save on init.txt so it didnt save for me.

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