Wasprag - 54 Early Spring by Quietust

Map Description:

Year 54 begins.

The rough chalk walls and floors over the entrance bridge have been torn down and replaced with obsidian blocks. Additional constructions have been built on either side of the bridge for reasons which will be explained shortly.

A brief attempt to irrigate a few dry stone tiles in my tower-cap farm caused hundreds of tower-caps to sprout in my river, blocking the flow considerably, so I dammed it, allowed it to completely drain, then paved the river with obsidian blocks (as well as the channels to my well, power generator, and obsidian factory). The stretch of river behind the dam has been covered with deactivated stockpiles so as to prevent any further tower-caps from growing should the water level ever drop below 7/7 - long term, I'd like to move the dam to the very beginning of the river, though I don't know if I'll have the patience to drain the entire river again.

The pyramid continues to grow. It is now 14 Z-levels tall. In anticipation of its completion, the pump stack which will fill it with magma has been constructed, and a pipeline connecting it to the pyramid is currently under construction. Made entirely of steel blocks, it shall itself be a monument to the Dwarven way.

So that the pump stack would not become useless once the pyramid was filled, I also constructed a pair of nozzles at the top so that, once activated, it will create twin magmafalls to either side of my bridge. A pair of circular obsidian walls should prevent the falling magma from flowing onto my axles (or the grass) and setting them on fire.

Rooms have been furnished in advance for the King, Queen, and Advisor. Only once my monument has been completed will they be summoned.

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Submitted by: Durin - 2009-09-12 to 42 Early Summer


Submitted by: Servu - 2009-09-15 to 46 Early Spring

Holy crap thats cool. How are you gonna get all that magma there? construct a big pumping tower?

Submitted by: Quietust - 2009-09-15 to 46 Early Spring

I'll build a pump tower extending all the way to the top of the map, then direct its output into a tube that goes down to ground level, through a short tunnel, and into an opening at the bottom of the pyramid. Pump pressure should allow it to fill all the way to the top.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-09-27 to 58 Early Winter

Needs more points of interest!
Holy-crap that pyramid is awesome.

Submitted by: Caranha - 2009-09-28 to 59 Early Winter

That's a fantastic fortress. Do the fortifications in the tower cap farm actually drain water?

Submitted by: Quietust - 2009-09-28 to 59 Early Winter

Absolutely - in fact, that's exactly why I built them.

Submitted by: Obsidian - 2009-11-02 to 75 Mid Spring

Sweet jesus this is epic.

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