Dragonskull - 206 Early Summer by Lemunde

Map Description:

Finished the tower. The top floor is used as a general hangout and the roof will be used to toss random animals off of in the center.

Point of Interest: Entrance

( 206 Early Summer → onwards )

- Lemunde

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Submitted by: Chromie - 2009-09-19 to 206 Early Summer

I like your tiles -- I think how a floor interacts with a angled wall looks a little odd, but I don't know how to fix it. I like your fortdesign too.

Submitted by: Bharani - 2009-10-01 to 206 Early Summer

Hey, what graphical tiles do you use? I love the dwarves.

Submitted by: Greenbane - 2010-02-21 to 206 Early Summer

I'm very interested in finding out what graphics set you're using. Looks like Sphr's, but not quite.

I hope he returns to update his sets once the new version comes out!

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