Wasprag - 46 Early Spring by Quietust

Map Description:

In the past 4 years, it's mainly been renovation.

The dining halls have been refurnished with tables made of gold and steel and chairs made of copper and zinc.

The elves have brought a few friendly vermin for the zoo.

A few more stockpiles were dug out.

Rooms were dug out for the king, queen, and advisor, should I decide to summon them.

Tons of rocks were cleared away, and numerous hallways were smoothed.

The guards were given copper swords to play with. One died to a sparring injury and was soon replaced by a single migrant, restoring my population to exactly 200. His replacement died soon afterward, but a subsequent replacement hasn't yet shown up.

In the intervening time, I had a vision. A great pyramid, 23 Z-levels tall, made entirely of clear glass.

I must make it happen.

The foundation has already been laid. Thousands of trees will burn. I will not allow the Elves to interfere.

Point of Interest: The Pyramid

The foundation of my glass pyramid has already been laid. It will extend all the way to the top of the sky.

When it is complete, I shall fill it with magma. By pumping it in from below. - Quietust

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Submitted by: Durin - 2009-09-12 to 42 Early Summer


Submitted by: Servu - 2009-09-15 to 46 Early Spring

Holy crap thats cool. How are you gonna get all that magma there? construct a big pumping tower?

Submitted by: Quietust - 2009-09-15 to 46 Early Spring

I'll build a pump tower extending all the way to the top of the map, then direct its output into a tube that goes down to ground level, through a short tunnel, and into an opening at the bottom of the pyramid. Pump pressure should allow it to fill all the way to the top.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-09-27 to 58 Early Winter

Needs more points of interest!
Holy-crap that pyramid is awesome.

Submitted by: Caranha - 2009-09-28 to 59 Early Winter

That's a fantastic fortress. Do the fortifications in the tower cap farm actually drain water?

Submitted by: Quietust - 2009-09-28 to 59 Early Winter

Absolutely - in fact, that's exactly why I built them.

Submitted by: Obsidian - 2009-11-02 to 75 Mid Spring

Sweet jesus this is epic.

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