Fellsalves - 57 Early Summer by GauHelldragon

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My fortress with the 7 segment display

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Submitted by: TheMagikarcher - 2009-09-09 to 57 Early Summer

Dude, that is insane!!

Submitted by: Quietust - 2009-09-09 to 57 Early Summer

That's a lot of gear assemblies.

Another design (over here) used raising bridges and floodgates in order to decode the various bit combinations and allow pressurized water to flow on pressure plates linked to each display segment, though it seemed to have some synchronization issues. Your design takes up a more space and requires significant machine power, though it has the potential to be more responsive and accurate.

For avoiding water drying up, you might try dropping an additional tile of 7/7 water into each pump/trigger loop from above (using a pair of floor hatches over each pump) - filling the bottom channels and having 3/4 water floating on the trigger and grate would pretty much stop any evaporation from taking place.

Also, you could have avoided using those inverters - since gear assemblies always toggle when triggered (rather than switching to a predictable "on" or "off" state), you can link one gear, pull the lever, then link another, and the two gears will become mutually exclusive.

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Submitted by: GauHelldragon - 2009-09-10 to 57 Early Summer

Yea I'm not so sure it was evaporation that was causing the water to dissapate. I assumed it was just pumps not working on a 1 to 1 ratio all the time. I could be wrong though.

Anyway, I didn't know gear assemblies worked like that. That'd explain one of the problems i had setting up one of circuits. In any case, I think i prefer having a seperate link for the "not" case of each lever, just cuz it makes it easier to link them all at once. ( you wouldn't have to link the "on"s, then flip the switch, then link the "off"s

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