TallTower - 135 Early Spring by Demonic Spoon

Map Description:

I have truly done many wondrous things, you cannot deny it.

Point of Interest: Ma level

Awesomesauce covered with awesomesauce buried in awesomesauce. I was planning a few more exspansions but the time limit caught up with me. To the east is the engraved brook. To the north and west the water feed tube for the obsidian farming. To the west the obsidian farming area. To the south my personal apartments. Here in the centre is the food processing area of the fortess, more than enough to feed 400 dwarves, let alone the 200 we have. - Demonic Spoon

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Submitted by: LegoLord - 2009-06-25 to 125 Early Spring

That future statue garden looks like a prime spot for some sort of amazing project, at least.

Submitted by: Fire Imp - 2009-06-27 to 126 Early Spring

Very good fort, I like the brook area. Are you planning on roofing over it or leaving it open?

Submitted by: crash2455 - 2009-06-30 to 126 Early Spring

I guess we're leaving it open (and the statue garden, too). This fortress is going to be a lot of fun

Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2009-07-03 to 127 Early Spring

The only reason I didn't floor it over is because of your mumbo jumbo about me not being allowed to.

Submitted by: crash2455 - 2009-07-03 to 128 Early Spring

We've had a few sieges and nothing Fun has happened yet, so I guess we're in the clear.

Also, ace work on the farmlands.

[Message edited on 2009/07/03 at 12:49 by crash2455]

Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2009-07-03 to 128 Early Spring

Thanks, I tried my best, I would have used a different layout if I was allowed to use more than one z-level though.

Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2009-07-16 to 128 Late Summer

...what did you do with the engraver that was supposed to smooth everything? Also, we need more barrels!

Submitted by: shack - 2009-09-01 to 133 Early Spring

Christes's level takes the biscuit. Totally awesome.

Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2009-09-06 to 135 Early Spring

Does Christes's level take the biscuit now? I now it still beats mine in design but other than that.

Submitted by: Puts - 2010-01-05 to 135 Early Spring

Is this succession game still rolling? it looks promising.

Submitted by: crash2455 - 2010-01-19 to 132 Early Spring

Sadly, Talltower came to an end to due massive framerate issues and the matter of apathy towards rebooting the project. I have plans to one day start it again, but I do not presently have the desire to do so.

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