Scorchingrim - 210 Early Spring by Aristoi

Map Description:

Returning to my first fortress a year later was quite an eye opener. I've learned a lot since then. It was interesting to incorporate what I now know into the running of things.

I look forward to the next few years.

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Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2008-08-06 to 209 Early Spring

You could set up a cage trap outside that poor swallow's door, and then put it on display somewhere for the dwarves to enjoy gawping at. :)

Submitted by: Aristoi - 2008-08-06 to 209 Early Spring

That's a good idea. I do have plenty of cages around.

Submitted by: kein - 2008-08-07 to 209 Early Spring

I'd put the cage one tile to the left of the door (diagonal movement can be bad).

Fantastic job for a first fort, is this really your first fort? I love the water feature that has an internal waterfall and as an added bonus it gradually floods the chasm.

+Favored, I'd like to see what you build up next.

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Submitted by: Aristoi - 2008-08-08 to 209 Early Spring

Kein, thanks for the compliment! Yes, essentially it is my first fort. I played 2 others for a few minutes each to get an idea of how the interface worked, dug a few rooms, built a bed, that kinda thing. So while not my exact first fort, it is the only one I have played for any length.

I got a lot of hints and ideas from the wiki, the fortress at the entrance and the fractal layout of the bedrooms, for example.

And regarding the flooding chasm, I didn't realize that the time that it would fill it up eventually, and I am hopeful that its a bug that has been/will be fixed. I was afraid that because the water is 2 Z-levels down the pressure would cause the lower hall to flood out.

Submitted by: kein - 2008-08-13 to 209 Early Spring

I was wrong about the flooding, I guess the flooding was removed in the z-depth version. Even if it would have flooded with the old version, the water can still be dumped in indefinitely. Unfortunately the chasm creature respawn was removed also.

Keep up the great work, I wish I had some of my first forts when I started, they were pathetic. I've been playing this game for a few years now and like starting new forts so much I never even got far enough to enable the economy.

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