Towerclouted - 237 Early Winter by Quietust

Map Description:

Another 5 years have passed.

Special quarters were dug out on the top level of the fortress for my military and guards, and all who have died in Towerclouted have been reburied in freshly dug burial chambers in coffins made of iron.

The coin problem was solved by using a bit of modding (namely, by melting down all of my gold/silver/copper goods, building their bars into constructed floors, then editing their matgloss entries to make them boil away at room temperature), and the former coin vault was replaced with an artifact museum, centered around an Adamantine chain and featuring all of my artifact furniture.

The elves managed to complete breeding sets of raccoons and deer, and they've been happily reproducing along with my cougars. I also took the opportunity to replace the war dogs guarding my fortress entrance with chained cougars.

All metallic bins were melted down and replaced with those made of wood - the logs were just sitting around gathering dust.

Seven dwarves volunteered to become Herbalists, and were trained to near-legendary by harvesting every single shrub on the map over the course of several years.

Mostly out of boredom, a whole patch of magnetite was smelted, and some additional mining located a decent amount of lignite to process it into steel. A very large gold deposit was also uncovered, but it hasn't been processed.

At some point, I managed to entirely deplete the magma pipe of fire snakes (and produce quite a lot of liquid fire), so my trapper and animal extracter have retired.

Late in the year 235, the King died of old age, indicating that it's time for this fortress to come to an end, though it will not be abandoned; rather, it shall be frozen in time. Fortunately, the location of its successor has been found (in the world of Ecamo Ew, seeds available on the wiki) - an 8x4 region with a surface magma pipe, sand, a short underground river (though without a brook), and a bottomless pit inhabited by a Giant Cave Spider.

Point of Interest: Entryway

( 216 Early Spring → onwards )

The main (and only) entrance to Towerclouted. Lined with weapon traps and cage traps, my military rarely ventures outside.

In 228, the weapon traps were upgraded to 100% masterwork materials (mechanism plus 2 of each green glass trap components) and consolidated to the inner half, moving all of the cages to the outer half.

In 219, chained dogs were added at the inner entrance to detect kobolds more quickly, and in 237 they were replaced with cougars. - Quietust

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Submitted by: _nil_ - 2009-08-23 to 232 Early Autumn

The problem isn't really the economy, it's the coins, and you can have one without the other (dwarves will just use credit cards if there is no currency)

Submitted by: Quietust - 2009-08-25 to 232 Early Autumn

I actually solved the coin problem a few days ago through some modding - I melted down all of my gold/silver/copper items (replaced the silver chains in my prison with black bronze, replaced my guards' silver swords with bismuth bronze, and relocated some of my zoo creatures out of 4 gold cages), paved a few hallways with floors using all of the remaining bars, then set their boiling points to 10000 and watched every single coin boil away in an instant (plus about a hundred silver crafts; a few were masterwork, but everyone's still ecstatic).

Some might call this cheating, but I'm justifying it in the name of lag reduction - my framerate has since risen to 30fps with temperature off (with it on, it's still unplayable at around 13-14).

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-08-31 to 237 Early Winter

It must have been fairy gold if its all boiled away.

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