Muckgrotto - 100 Early Spring by Solifuge

Map Description:

The REAL Map for Round 2 of the Dwarf Fortress Master's Competition, with relevant points of interest!

Point of Interest: Magma Pipe

Behold, the heart of Muckgrotto: a great firey pit, full of Dwarven Ingenuity.

Oh, Magma Pipe, artery full of the very Blood of Armok. What foul contraptions will you course through? What devilish industries will you fuel? What firey destructions will you rain down, on hapless foes turned toward you, and even on those who seek to be your Masters? - Solifuge

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Submitted by: Solifuge - 2009-08-30 to 100 Early Spring

Dwarf Fortress Masters 2

Submitted by: n.dravid - 2009-09-03 to 3

Is that an bottom-less pit? I've thought of doing that type of fort too! This is really cool!

Submitted by: Quietust - 2009-09-03 to 3

Nah, just looks like a manually dug pit, hence all of the up-ramps in the middle of it.

Submitted by: n.dravid - 2009-09-03 to 3

Ahhh didn't notice those. I was too busy thinking about a fortress floating over a bottomless chasm. Thanks for pointing that out.

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