Ancientsteals - 1052 Early Summer by SL

Map Description:

A recently founded goblin fortress!

So far the fortress contains 8 goblins, 3 trolls, 3 beak dogs and 2 beak dog pups, and 5 rust monsters and 10 rust monster children.

The rust monsters are wimpy compared to the D&D rust monsters - they cannot harm metal or anything, but theoretically eat bits of rust and metal from the floor and walls and such, and when they die drop an iron bar. (I needed some way to give the goblins infinite iron, after all)

The beak dogs and trolls can both be trained for hunting or war, but the beak dogs also hunt vermin.

Goblins are unable to farm, relying entirely on fishing and hunting for food (And there are no wild animals on the map yet, so it's entirely fishing). They also cannot bring any pets other than trolls, beak dogs, and rust monsters.

I'm also refraining from using traps, drawbridges, and channels, which should make things a bit more challenging. If I set things up right, the goblins should hopefully reproduce much faster than dwarves - goblin children will become adults after only 2 years. I don't know if they'll marry on their own or not, but if not, the age thing probably won't affect reproduction rates.

I'm also not entirely sure, but hopefully the humans and elves should start hostile to us (I tried a couple test games prior to this one, and previously they were friendly, which was just no good). Either that or they won't show up at all, which would kind of suck.

Oddly, dwarves do not seem to have a civ. I'm not sure why that is, since to make goblins playable, I only moved the [CIV_CONTROLLABLE] tag from dwarves to goblins. (Besides having to do weirdness with the animals' tags to make the right ones be offered at expedition setup)

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Submitted by: Turgid Bolk - 2007-08-21 to 1052 Early Summer

Oh man, that would be awesome if you got the dwarves to seige you. Cool fortress idea.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-08-22 to 1052 Early Summer

You're too organised ; )! The goblin fort needs labyrinth style passage ways and pitfalls and ugly gargoyles... ? Towers perhaps?

Ok in the next version maybe. Lookin good! Got very confused when I first saw your second map.

Submitted by: SL - 2007-08-22 to 1052 Early Summer

Unfortunately, it seems that when I fixed what pets goblins could bring, I broke trade entirely (no civs have any pack animals or caravan pulling animals), which is why I haven't gotten any immigrants, caravans, or invasions.

I've fixed it (I think), but will have to make a new fort in a new world.

Anyone got any suggestions for more goblin-ey architecture? I find myself thinking too much like a dwarf architect. :P

In the meantime, I think I'll get these goblins to dig to the pits, and if they somehow survive that, to dig to the adamantine!
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Submitted by: matryx - 2007-08-22 to 1052 Early Summer

Goblins tend to either live in burrows and dens or towers, depending on the mythos, so either a rough shod cave structure with a few large rooms connected by snaking corridors, or vertical towers would suit.

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