Paperscalds - 208 Late Summer by kiffer

Map Description:

This is a test for my Transcontinental Magma Pipeline... It needs some work. On the far left of the map, over the ocean, is the business end of the system... it is not yet complete.
Little to no thought has been put into the design of the fortress itself... it's whole existence was to support the building of the pipe... so it's sort of organically grown with no planning as such.

Point of Interest: Start of the Pipeline...

- kiffer

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Submitted by: ChairmanMeow - 2009-08-17 to 208 Late Summer

You could have stacked the screw pumps on top of eachother, which would have saved energy.

Submitted by: Hishan - 2009-08-17 to 208 Late Summer

An impressive pumping operation, I assume youre hoping to biuld an island in the sea with this contraption?

Submitted by: orbcontrolled - 2009-08-28 to 208 Late Summer

He is hoping to channel magma across multiple embark locations to a distant point on the world map, building the infrastructure one fort at a time and then activating it with an adventurer.

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