Barbiron - 301 Late Winter by Rollins B

Map Description:

A fortress with no military, that's what the nobles mandated. Now, the dwarfs of Barbiron put their faith in the Mechanic Reg Rodummelbil to set them a system of traps that will keep the hounds of war at bay.

Point of Interest: Trap 1: The Bridge

Reg decided that the best weapon is one we face everyday, gravity. The Bridge is still in its infancy. - Rollins B

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Submitted by: Asra - 2009-08-14 to 301 Late Winter

I like the spiral pathway towards the bottom leading up.

Have you suffered many fatalities yet? I like to limit the amount of military too usually. But if the enemy ever gets past the traps it always leads to a lot of Fun.

Submitted by: Rollins B - 2009-08-14 to 301 Late Winter

I haven't actually had any hostile forces show up yet. The only thing that's bothered me so far is Mountain Gnomes raiding my outside food storage. Hopefully I can get most of my planned super traps up before anything shows up.

SH**, I just realized I put the farm hallway under the pit for the bridge trap.

AAAAAAAND the fort dies. Goblins showed up, collapsed the bridge, then proceeded to breeze through the passage ways and slaughter my dwarfs.

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