Bookzealots - 202 Mid Summer by SenorOcho

Map Description:

Just completed the epic drowning chamber! Arrrr.

Point of Interest: Drowning Chamber

Ramp in the lower left leads to the surface. One-tile bridges retract to drain water to the level below. - SenorOcho

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Submitted by: Asra - 2009-08-14 to 202 Mid Summer

Any problems with the caravan getting to your depot?

Submitted by: SenorOcho - 2009-08-16 to 202 Mid Summer

Haven't had any serious problems yet, but there aren't any humans and my civilization apparently has no leaders (so no liason either). o.o

I did have the dwarven caravan trapped for a season because I hadn't noticed a tree that grew in front of the ramps, oops.

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