Arrowtheaters - 206 Mid Autumn by lordsigmund

Map Description:

Had an idea to build a fortress where the entrance was through a natural waterfall. wanted a place with magma too but got bored looking for somewhere with a waterfall and magma without an aquifer. Bleh.

Point of Interest: Entrance

( 206 Mid Autumn → onwards )

Spiral staircases down either side of the valley and then a floor build up to the waterfall with grates for the waterfall to go through.

I tried something new with my entrance here, 2 raising bridges to seal off the entrance hall, 2 retractable bridges to drop anyone inside 2 z levels intoa sealed room below, then a massive cistern to the left to flood it and drown them. If you look down 2 z-levels, I didn't have anywhere to drain the flood room into below as the river to the south flooded a z-klevel higher than it was when I embarked (you can see the whole southern side of the map is flooded now). So it takes a long time to clear that room once I drown the enemies. - lordsigmund

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Submitted by: azemute - 2009-08-04 to 206 Mid Autumn

I really like the design for the mist-room and living quarters, novel and aesthetically pleasing.

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