Syrupdeaths - 255 Mid Winter by apparentbliss

Map Description:

Syrupdeaths rolls on, more or less without hitch. A few civilians, one soldier, and one lord high ruler died in the advancement of the cause. I did run out of booze at one point because I wasn't paying attention to my barrel supply; I knew something was wrong when all the dwarves starting flashing discontent. To make matters worse, I hadn't set up a well yet, so they were all pissed about drinking brackish water. Lesson learned: drink BOOZE like a fish, not water like a fish.

Point of Interest: Outdoor Defenses

Ballistas set up and loaded; more paved roads installed to prevent obnoxious tree growth; "shortcut" peacetime bridge somewhat fortfied with traps. Fortications and walkable perimeter added to the length of the "gauntlet."

The sad thing is, that in the most recent ambush, I just sent my greenest troops barging over the shortcut bridge to do vicious wrestling with the attackers. I guess when the sieges get more serious, I will be prepared.

I just this season added an extra "ring" of channeled pathway to the approach, even though it's likely entirely unnecessary. - apparentbliss

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Submitted by: apparentbliss - 2009-07-31 to 253 Mid Autumn

This time around I'm trying to keep an eye on migrants so I have some idea what to expect in the future.

253 Mid Spring: 7->28; 50k wealth.
253 Late Summer: 28->36; 170k wealth.
253 Mid Autumn: 36->44; 210k wealth.
??? (I missed a wave or two)
254 Late Autumn: 68->75, 683k wealth

... and now I'm not keeping track at all. Population in winter 255 is 96.

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Submitted by: Leggomygreggo - 2009-07-31 to 253 Mid Autumn

I like the exterior defenses. My only comment is that I'm not sure how well your stockpile sizes are going to scale while maintaining easy efficient access. But then again, by that point you'll have many more haulers so it won't matter.

Submitted by: apparentbliss - 2009-08-01 to 253 Mid Autumn

As far as stockpiles go, mostly it's only furniture, food, and finished goods that needs expansion, and there is plenty of room to add large stockpiles in the "central pillar." Those, combined with some small workshop-side stockpiles, and a glut of haulers, means that I don't have to handle the stockpiles with any particular slyness. The other thing is that, with the stacked z-levels structure like this, a stockpile at -10 depth is only 9 tiles away, or what have you.

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Submitted by: azemute - 2009-08-04 to 255 Mid Winter

Loom near cave spiders makes complete sense, it worries me that I'd never considered internal silk harvesting before now.

*adds to to-do list*

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