Saviorring - 17 Early Spring by Razin

Map Description:

*You approach Savioring's gate from the north, intending only stop by to buy supplies before continuing on the route further south. To your surprise (and satisfaction) the normally quiet gate is crawling with dwarves, who are sorting and collecting the remnants of slain orcs and goblins that have long cluttered the entrance. To your dismay, some of those remnants are quite recent. As you cross the bridge into the fort, shouts and horns sound from the tower, and the dwarves swiftly retreat to the safety of the fort, sealing raising the bridge once all are in.

You'll be here longer then you thought.*

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Submitted by: Tiogshi - 2009-07-19 to 12 Early Spring

A 24-level natural waterfall? Egad. Got the seed settings handy for that world?

Submitted by: Razin - 2009-07-19 to 12 Early Spring

Created in DF v0.28.181.40d12. I'm also using the latest version of 13thRonin's Dig Deeper Mod, which adds some new ores, critters, items, orcs, and more. You'll probably want to get that if you want this exact map, but you might get something similar without it. World Gen will give you tons of rejected worlds, just wait it out and press p when it prompts you. (Also, I got this off the forums somewhere, but I forget exactly where).


A BBCode picture

It's actually 25 zs now that I count it again...

edit: I just noticed that the yellow X's aren't showing in that screen shot... it's near the two purple mountain ranges in the western edge of the map, near the 'equator,' or just search for flux, sand, aquifer, magma pipe, brook, underground river, and HFS

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Submitted by: magic dwarf - 2009-07-26 to 14 Early Spring

fort looks nice
It doesn't seem like you've tapped your volcano yet

Submitted by: Razin - 2009-07-26 to 14 Early Spring

Yeah, right now I'm just using coal that the waterfall exposed for fuel. I'll set up the magma pumps soon, I just need to finish my tower cap farm first.

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