Staffblossoms - 223 Late Autumn by wblueskylives

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Ok, not much time has passed but there are some improvements. First off the ballistae have been moved down a z-level (thanks for the suggestion, Ashery) and I've introduced the magma pit trap. So far the only use that's seen is a couple of caged goblins and a stray cat I threw down there, and I'm still not sure if the pressure plates work correctly, no one's made it that far into the fortress yet.

Suggestions always welcome! :D

Point of Interest: First magma trap attempt

Pressure plates linked to the grates, drops down 4 (5?) levels into magma. Still not sure if they function correctly. - wblueskylives

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Submitted by: Sirlulzalot - 2009-07-20 to 223 Late Spring


Submitted by: Eavan - 2009-07-20 to 223 Late Spring

@Sirlulzalot: What?

@Map: I'm afraid I am unable to find the four towers... Could you post a few POI's?

Submitted by: wblueskylives - 2009-07-21 to 223 Late Spring

Ok, one POI posted that basically covers where the towers are! Also: will upload this later, but I've made me some magma traps.

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Submitted by: Ashery - 2009-07-21 to 223 Late Spring

One issue with your siege setup:

"Both catapults and ballistae aim and fire only along one z-level. While ammo from both may drop down z-levels, they do no damage to creatures there. This also means that no "head room" is necessary - ammo just flies out, never up."

One way to solve that problem is to stick your ballistae at the northern tip of your entryway and have them fire down that.

Submitted by: wblueskylives - 2009-07-22 to 223 Late Autumn

Just a quick note: One of my mechanics has decided to become a crazy cat lady and adopt 12, count them, TWELVE cats for himself.

These dwarves confuse me sometimes.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-07-22 to 223 Late Spring

Tower's look great, good sense of depth between the outside and inside of the fortress.

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