Snaketributes - 320 by hyndis

Map Description:

An above ground castle made entirely of obsidian blocks with a moat of magma.

Point of Interest: Gatehouse

Soldiers and royal guards live in the gatehouse. They are close enough to the edge of the map that when enemies spawn, they will all rush out in a glorious charge of mayhem and gore! - hyndis

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Submitted by: Meta - 2009-07-20 to 320

Wow! That's what I call a great dwarf fortress. Well done! :D
The idea of using bridges to block the magma on the map border is brilliant.

Submitted by: Ignem - 2009-07-20 to 320

Awesome fortress, you have a really nice sense of style. A question, why bridges on the sides, wouldn't walls work just as good at keeping the magma on the other side? Something is telling me I'm missing the point here. :)

Submitted by: hyndis - 2009-07-21 to 320

You can't construct walls to the edge of the map. However, you can construct a bridge to the edge of the map. If you make a drawbridge and retract it, it functions just like a wall, and so far as I can tell, its just as indestructible as a regular constructed wall.

Also, you can construct floors to the edge of the map. And you can build bridges upon these floors. This is how I built the water pump system to pump the water off the edge of the map without turning all of the magma into obsidian.

Submitted by: Ignem - 2009-07-21 to 320

Ah nice, thanks for explaining it to me! I should have realized the border-issues. A creative solution indeed.

Submitted by: hyndis - 2009-07-21 to 320

Lately I've mostly just been decorating stuff, trying to use up the massive bone stockpiles in the catacombs. I've also created an automatic bone producing device! This involves a bunch of chained up animals with a meeting zone on a bridge. A dwarf occasionally pulls the lever, dropping the animals down to the lowest level of the castle where they explode. These gibs then rot away into bones, which drastically improves how many items I can decorate per animal.

At this point I've also been trying to get rid of all of the crafts sitting in the stockpile. Its hilarious to see quivers being sold for 10k dwarfbucks. I'm just giving all this stuff away or trading it away at absurd profit margins, mostly just to make space.

The industrial sector is now complete, but it takes a ton of stone blocks to build up a castle.

I'll do an updated map in a few days when the construction is mostly done.

Submitted by: hyndis - 2009-07-27 to 332

I've updated the castle to year 332, 12 years after the previous map. The castle is now 32 years old, and flourishing.

Submitted by: hyndis - 2009-08-01 to 338

Done! :D

Submitted by: Retro - 2009-09-01 to 338

This is absolutely just impressive as hell. And the magma moat is genius. Question though, how far in advance did you plan? I always have difficulty giving my final products a classy, finished kind of look because I always start a fort for efficiency rather than style until I've got a fair number of immigrants/haulers.

Submitted by: Quietust - 2009-09-03 to 338

Rather curious that the area around your magma pipe is littered with what appears to be spider webs - I thought they only appeared near underground pools/rivers and chasms/pits.

Submitted by: hyndis - 2009-11-30 to 338

Sorry! Haven't check back on here for ages. Been distracted with other games lately, also been waiting for the next release.

I'm really, really eager for the new burrows and squad tactics, along with the expanded underground content.

The fortress was designed for this from the very get go. I even picked the embark area just for this. Water and magma, and a flat area.

I turned off invasions so I could work quietly, and churned out absurdly huge numbers of blocks, using a custom reaction to make obsidian from smelters. If I can I want this to require sand, fuel, and water, but for now its just fuel. The sand and water are implied.

Then I started laying the blocks. Started at the outside first, creating the outer wall that sits against the magma. After that I dug down to create the pump system that moves the magma into the moat. I also paved the entire area around the outside of the wall to the edge of the map so that no trees will get in the way. Trees do not actually burn even though they are surrounded by magma, which means I'd end up with a tree just sitting in the middle of the magma moat, and that would be annoying.

After that, the bridges were raised, pumped turned on, and levers removed from the bridges so they can never be lowered again.

As for the spider webs, I modded my game so that spiders will also appear in magma pipes. And made the fire snakes web immune so the constant miasma wouldn't be a problem. This provides even more sources of silk for a wider range of maps.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-12-02 to 338

Now this is what I call a fortress. Castle building to the max. Some really interesting ideas here, especially the magma moat, but also the breeding pen. Inspiring stuff.

Submitted by: hyndis - 2009-12-03 to 338

The really interesting thing is that if you can get wild animals in the pit and drop them, each piece of the exploded wild animal can be butchered separately, which will increase the meat yield from them by 200-300%.

You cannot do this to tame animals. They need to be wild animals, and wild animals will kill other things, so the wild animals would need their own breeding pit. You would likely need to create one pit per species, but if you can pull this off and stock the pits with enough animals it would just be meat on demand.

Build a dozen butcher workshops. When you're low on food pull the lever. Results are tons of bone and meat.

Submitted by: Zrukua - 2009-12-05 to 338

Whats the reaction that you used to make the obsidian?

Submitted by: hyndis - 2009-12-10 to 338

[NAME:melt sand]

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