Rivercross-Rivercross-spr-1005 - 1005 Early Spring by martin

Map Description:

Dwarf Masters 1 - Rivercross year 5 map

Point of Interest: 10,000 foot view

( 1005 Early Spring → onwards )

This is the embark level after year 5. The wagon is still present there in the center, now at the top of the fortress. The surrounding area was excavated to reveal the fortress, fortress walls, moat, etc. A road has been set around the perimeter of the map with a bypass bridge to the west (visible). The stream was dammed and the waterfall brought back near the edge of the map to permit room for the fortress. - martin

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Submitted by: Meta - 2009-07-19 to 1005 Early Spring

Wow! This entire fortress is insane! :)

Submitted by: Solifuge - 2009-07-22 to 1006 Mid Spring

Frankly, I am floored by the design of this fortress. You are clearly a master of terrain deformation, and have made an aesthetically beautiful, unique, and highly defensible fortress layout.

Suffice it to say: Holy shit.

Submitted by: wblueskylives - 2009-07-23 to 1006 Mid Spring

Now THAT is how you cross a river. Well done!

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