Guildlashed - 255 Early Autumn by Tiogshi

Map Description:

A mini-fortress, made using the 1x1 Fortress hack. Turned out surprisingly well; found a decent vein of each gold and silver, although only 40 or so tiles of hematite, and no other valuable metals.

Point of Interest: Descent Tour: 1

The aboveground portion of the fortress. Here we see only the volcano cap, the walls around the lit farms, and the trade entrance. No, that road isn't gold, it's orthoclase. - Tiogshi

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Submitted by: Mzbundifund - 2009-07-10 to 255 Early Autumn

These nanoforts are always so CUTE.

I'm a little surprised you're storing so many bones (and in such inefficient storage space) with such little real estate to work with. Paranoid about moody dwarf requests?

Submitted by: Tiogshi - 2009-07-10 to 255 Early Autumn

Yeah, nearly every fort I start I lose at least one would-be Legendary Engraver or Metalworker to a lack of shells or bones.

As for bone efficiency, I use the 50% pattern for bone storage because miasma only travels cardinally, so any bad stink stays contained in its 1x1 "cell". Results in fewer unhappy thoughts during trips to the refuse heaps, which was a big deal on this fortress because of the very high efficiency of my first hunter; see the PoI "Descent Tour: 9".

Submitted by: Mzbundifund - 2009-07-10 to 255 Early Autumn

Yes yes I see. If you aren't above quantum dumping, you could always dump diagonally down a 1 z-level pit zoned for waste disposal and keep all your bones/shells/skulls there.

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