Rashzasit, "Diedknife" - 1056 Late Summer by [M]Tree

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Red River

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Submitted by: matryx - 2007-08-16 to 1056 Late Summer

Ah, quotes in mapnames don't work so well. I'd suggest replacing them with backticks : `Like This`
or, with parenthesis (Like This)

Submitted by: matryx - 2007-08-16 to 1056 Late Summer

I really like the, what appears to be, a church to the upper-right of the fortress. At first I thought it was a tomb, and then I realised there were statues, not coffins.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-08-16 to 1056 Late Summer

I've fixed the title manually, but it appears I may have broken the Add Map form again. Its either "`s or '`s that get messed up, I can never seem to accommodate both at the same time.

Yes, love the detail in this fort, the church type thing and the curving carved out areas, adds a certain style to the place... like the gnawling face mid-north of the fort!

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