Sparkgear 3 - 204 Mid Summer by nahkh

Map Description:

After Arky D's crazy defense based frenzy.
Although I didn't do too much.


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Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2009-07-01 to 202 Late Autumn

Couldn't have said it better myself nahkh. Heil, mein fuhrer!

Submitted by: Doppel - 2009-07-05 to 205 Late Winter

Hey, do those fortifications work as drains over at your farms?

Submitted by: Nahkh_ - 2009-07-10 to 209 Early Spring

"The magma fortress" should of course be "The magma forges

Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2009-07-10 to 209 Early Spring


Submitted by: Nahkh_ - 2009-07-10 to 209 Early Spring

Demonic Spoon, while I appreciate the enthusiasm, if you're just asking about what something does do so on the board or here in the comments instead of cluttering the PoIs too much. (Also, marking something obvious like the farms isn't exactly necessary either)

Submitted by: Abculatter_2 - 2009-07-10 to 209 Early Spring

That PoI on the farms is very necessary. How are we supposed to know what those farms are for?

Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2009-07-11 to 209 Early Spring


Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-07-11 to 209 Early Spring

zomg someone posted a point of interest long enough to activate the scrollbar. congrats! :]

I appreciate the lengthy documentation! I think some extra buttons are in order, [previous poi] [next poi] to make it easier to navigate forward and back from the list.

Submitted by: Nahkh_ - 2009-07-16 to 209 Early Spring

Hey that was me! Woo!

Seriously, was I the first?

Submitted by: Nahkh_ - 2009-07-18 to 214 Early Spring

Holy shit that magma device is awesome

Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2009-07-18 to 214 Early Spring

I think so too :D

Submitted by: iluogo - 2009-07-19 - Removed

Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2009-07-23 to 217 Early Summer

Nive work Nil

Submitted by: ToonyMan - 2009-07-24 to 218 Late Autumn

Looks like the magma worked great.

Submitted by: skaltum - 2009-07-24 to 218 Late Autumn

heyy someone killed my sentry pig in the merchant gate enterance below the magma spurter

Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2009-07-25 to 218 Late Autumn

I buthcered just about everything.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-07-29 to 222 Early Summer

Argh, creepy. I've never seen a magma lake like that before... I've never seen it done!

Submitted by: Duke - 2009-07-30 to 222 Early Summer

That magma lake makes me proud, Toony. I told myself I would not cry...

Submitted by: ToonyMan - 2009-07-30 to 222 Early Summer

It's not done yet, if I get another turn I'll do the other half.

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