The White Wings of Honesty - 1081 Late Winter by CultOfTheRaven

Map Description:

The White wings of Honesty - a fortress that had surpassed even the mountainhomes in wealth and prosperity, met a fell end last year. It had been a harsh winter - many of the reserve breeding stock had to be killed for meat. in this, a fortress that had never once run out since its founding, made the good dwarves lose heart. The last year had been particularly harsh indeed, raid after raid of goblins had kept the caravans away, and even the Duke and Dutchess were upset, for all their full-bearded happiness.
Soon the fortress fell. The mountainhomes quailed. How could such a prosperous fortress suddenly fall like that?

But a group of strong-bearded warriors, equipped with axes, crossbows, and pikes, decided to take back the glorious fortress their kin had called home. This is the beginnings of their adventure.

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Submitted by: Mzbundifund - 2009-03-26 to 1077 Late Winter

I like your wagon entry, very secure. What's the point of that tiny single pump near the front of the fort on the surface?

Submitted by: CultOfTheRaven - 2009-03-29 to 1080 Early Summer

I originally intended to make a Depot Flood trap with it, but decided to scrap it, because there were better ways to defend the fortress, yet never got around to taking it down.

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