Armok - 211 Early Autumn by miko

Map Description:

Stupid Dwarf Trick: Winning DF by blasting a fortress to the moon, or beyond. And this "fortress" shall do the trick! A near 50k blocks sized battle cruiser, armed with 8 turbo ballistae against those pesky elves - in space!, and enough room for thousands of dwarves (crew and dwarf troopers) and all necessary commodities.

It shall be christened "Armok", and on behalf of our emperor, the great toad, we will conquer new worlds to build new dwarven fortresses upon.

(The interior has yet to be "completed", but due to thyme and fps issues... well...)

Point of Interest: Bridge

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Well, it is difficult to browse it... so here is the bridge. As you see, not really much, or any, of the interior has been designed... - miko

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Submitted by: miko - 2009-06-25 to 211 Early Autumn

Images, yay!

Side view
A BBCode picture

Full shape
A BBCode picture

Bridge tower and turbo ballistae ;)
A BBCode picture

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Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2009-06-25 to 211 Early Autumn

Bitchin, now launch it! By channeling out the tile that connects it to the earth >:)

Submitted by: solarshado - 2009-06-25 to 211 Early Autumn

Awesome... how many blocks is that? the whole thing green glass? how long did it take to build (play time and in-game time)?

Submitted by: Fire Imp - 2009-06-26 to 211 Early Autumn


Submitted by: Nilus - 2009-06-26 to 211 Early Autumn

If you don't record when you "launch" it with collapse on and post it here, I will hunt you down and kill you with my bare hands.

Submitted by: miko - 2009-07-29 to 211 Early Autumn

Made the "launching" movie.

And another image using VisualFort... (afaik)

A BBCode picture

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-07-29 to 211 Early Autumn

"Dust off and nuke them from orbit" - classic DF tactics.

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