DrilledSteels - 254 Early Spring by Sourlout

Map Description:

Third year in the blood line fortress.

Past year events for the fortress:
During this year, I made a bit of a mistake with some constructions that I was completing above ground.

I removed the upward stairs to build an up/down stairwell instead. However, that upward stairwell was the only thing holding a full roof over the meeting area.This little mistake cost the lives of 20 or so dwarfs. Luckily those were the slackers, otherwise they won't have been in the meeting area just chilling.... right?

A couple of ambushes were deftly taken care of by a small band of dwarven warriors. (Current count 4)

The former mayor before the hand off told me of the strange death of the human liaison on his way to the fort. Turns out, the humans held our fortress responsible for this death. They have responded with a siege. This was also defeated by the 4 dwarven warriors.

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