Bridgedhalls - 3005 Mid Summer by Daryan

Map Description:

This is my secons fortress im posting here. Bridgedhalls were founded 3001 and currently in the fifth year. FPS around 18-20, but everybody has something to do.
Until now there was no siege, but a few ambushes and a dragon! (you can see her flying on level 3). I'm afraid that the dwarves are currently not strong enough to beat the dragon. hope she doesnt find the entrance....

Point of Interest: Entrance

The main entrance is only guarded by some wardogs and a markdwarf, as long as the chasm is under construction.
At the moment the two pillars are undecorated, but in a few years im going to double engrave it...
It is leading into the first hall, where the dogs are standing. - Daryan

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Submitted by: Daryan - 2009-06-21 to 3005 Mid Summer

As you maybe have already recognised, i try to build my fortress a bit like Moria-style, because Khazad Dum is my favourite Dwarvenhome by far. If you have some nice ideas, which i could include, i'd be glad to hear it.

Submitted by: Mzbundifund - 2009-06-21 to 3005 Mid Summer

I love your giant hall, but it looks rather bland rectangular. My suggestion is to try rounding the corners or adding half-pillars jutting out from the walls to break up the flat walls somewhat.

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