Garlicgrass - 206 Mid Spring by Aquilegia

Map Description:

Progress is getting a lot slower with a lower FPS now. I've had my first real siege, 6 goblins were shot from the gate-towers, 6 were caged in my caged traps. Also the baron, tax-gatherer, hammerer and some other noble has just arrived now and things are going well.

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Submitted by: Huttuunen - 2009-06-13 to 204 Early Autumn

This is actually pretty cool fortress already. :)
You are doing very well if this is your first fortress!

Submitted by: Aquilegia - 2009-06-14 to 204 Early Autumn

Thanks :) I actually read almost the entire wiki before getting started so that might have helped a bit, but I intend to keep playing with this one until I understand also the late-game so my next fortresses won't fail just after I spend days on some magnificent designs for them : )

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