Tizotkogan, "Shankboat" - 303 by PenguinsScareMe

Map Description:

First attempt at a "vault" type fort, main shaft will be sealed when the fort is self-sufficient.

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Submitted by: Sourlout - 2009-06-16 to 303

I really like the style of your fortress layout, very neat and orderly. Yet, I wonder at how you will keep the look when you expand horizontally.

When you close your fortress, will you be expanding upwards? Also, what will be your solution to wood requirements?

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2009-06-16 to 303

I love the airlock around your trade depot with the 4 bridges.

Submitted by: PenguinsScareMe - 2009-07-07 to 303

Wow, I didn't think anyone would actually be looking at this map. To answer the horizontal expansion question, the horizontal footprint of this map is repeatable, so you could conceivably just repeat it in whichever direction you wanted. Also, I've actually improved on the fort design, and am now building the same fort, but with a waterfall-based defensive system and a way to completely seal off access from one topside shaft when/if it gets compromised.

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