Whorecleft - 53 Mid Spring by RPharazon

Map Description:

Every fort keeps getting weirder and weirder.
For example, this fort is really two forts: An inside fort and an outside fort. After one of the Original Seven got crushed by a defense mechanism, I simply completely segregated the two forts.

Three years later, and now the outside fort is burning, the surroundings are pockmarked by craters and cave-ins, the original entrance is destroyed, and over 70 immigrants have crisped to death.

Point of Interest: The Main Hall

This is the main hall for the inner fort. It seems kind of a waste since only six dwarves use it. Even then, they barely do. - RPharazon

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Submitted by: Dakira - 2009-06-16 to 53 Mid Spring

how does a food fire burn for two or three years?

Submitted by: RPharazon - 2009-06-17 to 53 Mid Spring

Quite well.

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