Bloodfist - 201 Early Summer by Itnetlolor

Map Description:

Full name: Bloodfist the Sky-Fortress of God



I had to tweak the name for the map so it can properly compress; and cut it short for the archive.

Well, ending season 1, here is the setup I have. But first, an explanation to the uninitiated...

Oh what the hell, read it here: The new flagship of the Dwarven Empire

-Camp is mostly set (farms, dining, housing)
-Designated my construction zone
-Piling materials for efficieny

Not much, but now I have something to get the gears rolling.

Point of Interest: Arrival zone of the team

( 201 Early Spring → 201 Early Autumn )

"Alright men, we have found our prime spot to begin our work. Move out!!!"

Here lies where everything begins. - Itnetlolor

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-12-30 to 205 Early Autumn

I think you can do a better job with the dining hall :)
the stockpile looks a bit too multi-purpose at the moment, and there's a lot of clutter in there.

Submitted by: Quietust - 2009-12-30 to 205 Early Autumn

There seems to be a distinct lack of structural support on that airship - do you have cave-ins disabled?

Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-01-01 to 205 Early Autumn

Ahhh... so that's what it is, an airship. Had me confused for a while.

Submitted by: Itnetlolor - 2010-01-09 to 205 Early Autumn

I'm still on a bit of a cleanup duty. That's why the dining hall still has a ton of crap in there.

Fortunately, I finally found a use for that hallway in my fort. It's the new market district. That's where I'll be storing most of my crap and some of the food. Plus, it'll help supply the airship when the time comes.

Like I said, still much to clean up, as well as build upon before I feel secure enough in working on this further.

In regards to the dining hall, I have a drink locker as well as a food locker. When those are at full stock, my kitchen/still will contain the surplus, and any remainder will go directly to market. Provided I have adequate barrel supply.

As for how the airship looks. I'm building it more how such a ship would be built. I still have much work to do with it. Got quite a skeleton still. And yes CAVE-IN:OFF.

I wanted it to be convincing. BTW, I'm making sure I don't make anything else unstable that would trigger a cave-in. You know, keep it plausible. (BTW, drawbridges cannot support anything. IE- cave-in if you try.)

Submitted by: magic dwarf - 2010-01-20 to 206 Early Summer

you can usually survive a tantrum spiral, as long as there are a few dwarfs left, you'll get tons of migrants next season

Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2010-01-21 to 206 Early Summer

A nice pickle indeed. You have enough wealth that you can most likely make it out of the spiral. Don't give up!

Also you made my day by using the word "gorram".

Submitted by: Itnetlolor - 2010-01-21 to 206 Early Summer

I apologize to everyone for not getting an update after the massacre. I was too late on the draw to update the aftermath. But it crumbled to it's very end.

Sending one more embark hopefully tonight.

I'm amazed I have more fans than I thought regarding this project. ^_^

[Message edited on 2010/01/21 at 02:27 by Itnetlolor]

Okay, I fixed it some time ago.

Oh yeah, and thanks to whoever Tropified this project.

Military Mashup Machine? Sweet.

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Submitted by: Graf - 2010-01-29 to 207 Late Winter

What is that armored ape looking thing near the ship?

Submitted by: Itnetlolor - 2010-01-29 - Removed

Submitted by: Itnetlolor - 2010-01-29 to 207 Late Winter

That would be a CaveSwallowMan.

Annoying buggers, especially in great numbers. Speaking of which, you ought to take a gander at that chasm and bottomless pit. My goodness, they're clowncars. Fortunately, not full of clowns.

Submitted by: Retro - 2010-02-11 to 211 Early Spring

In response to your 'The Only Exit' POI, I'd guess the imps just swam up onto that ramp to the left of the pipe and then got into the fort that way. It looks like you have a drawbridge lock in place, but the imps can climb out of the magma right onto the ramp. I'm guessing you have fortifications in the paths to under those magma buildings as well, but if you happen not to, that's the other likely candidate as you don't have all the exposed magma tiles under the magma buildings covered by the impassable tiles.

Submitted by: Dorten - 2010-03-03 to 211 Early Autumn

Visual Fortress?

Submitted by: Itnetlolor - 2010-03-03 to 211 Early Autumn


I'll maybe post a Visfort pic at the end of the year.

Is it possible to spoiler pictures to save room?

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Submitted by: Itnetlolor - 2010-03-04 to 212 Early Spring

Here's the Visfort for the end of the year, as promised.

A BBCode picture

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Submitted by: Itnetlolor - 2010-03-30 to 213 Early Autumn

And here's the latest it looks right now. Not 100% complete, but damn close enough. I'll replace it with the completed in due time. Plus, I'll modify the image to look how I imagine it to look with props.

A BBCode picture

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Submitted by: Retro - 2010-04-05 to 214 Early Spring

Bravo! You worked on that thing a damn long time; I commend you on your commitment. Also, the number of maps in the series is utterly terrifying.

Submitted by: Itnetlolor - 2010-04-05 to 214 Early Spring

Know what else is terrifying? If you want to relive any bit of the history (IE- all of the listed maps), I hope you have roughly 388MB available on your hard drive. And fortunately, that's unpacked.

As for the RAR collection, 5 in all, that's still 366MB total. So yeah...

Of course, you'll have to check out DFFD or my project's OP for the links.

[Message edited on 2010/04/05 at 03:22 by Itnetlolor]

Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-04-05 to 214 Early Spring

Looks terrifying, good work Itnetlodor. *favourites*

Submitted by: Itnetlolor - 2011-01-30 to 214 Early Spring

I also have this a an MCEdit schematic if you want it imported into Minecraft.

Screenshots (Steampunk texture pack):
A BBCode picture
A BBCode picture

Download it here

As of now, the schematic has been downloaded more than 1500 times.

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Submitted by: Itnetlolor - 2011-02-18 to 214 Early Spring

There are potential plans for a successor to the Bloodfist to be produced eventually.

Bigger, faster, stronger, better.

Oh yeah, and it'll be made in the more recent versions of DF as well, for added challenge, since I'm not as familiar with it yet. So it'll have the same amount of fun as this one had in production.

Submitted by: Itnetlolor - 2011-04-24 to 214 Early Spring

Good news everyone!

As the new releases of Minecraft keep on coming out, I will be updating the schematic in my free time. I'll still have the original package available for download, but the recent updates will include some improvements to the overall design that didn't translate well enough initially. So, for example, the crew quarters will have proper beds that you can sleep in, certain pieces of scenery will look more how they should (props, emblems), and when pistons are released as well, I'll even try to make some mechanism connectors which should explain how the boilers can connect. I don't have a release date set, since this will be done in my free time, but for the continuing support, I feel I might as well make an update to keep up.

While working on the improvements, I'll be thinking of what else I'll include in the Bloodaxe, the Successor to the Bloodfist. Bigger, faster, stronger, better.

Provided the next updates go how I think they will, I might begin working on it when .26-.28 releases (depending on new bugs unleashed, and when I get the blueprints ready).

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Submitted by: Itnetlolor - 2013-03-26 to 214 Early Spring

To any previous fans of the Bloodfist: Good News!

I am in the works of setting the plans up for the next addition to the Blood-Class airships, the Bloodaxe.

All I can say about it is that this thing is huge. Up to twice the size of the Bloodfist (BF had 4 decks, BA has 8 decks, and is slightly longer and wider, while at it), and better designed overall. The Bloodaxe does what, in hindsight, I wish I did with the Bloodfist. Naturally, the Bloodaxe, due to it's scale, will take a considerable amount of time. However, I might do something similar with this, except maybe make it a community fort kind of thing.

The building process will still be similar (standard shipwright procedure (Skeleton, Hull, and then Internals), but the updates will be less frequent. Instead of seasonal, it will be every half-year to whole year update chunks. This would also be due to my improved playing ability, and a better selection of where to build it, and how to defend it.

Besides the references here, here's a better reminder of how I still intend to build it, just like this one:

I hope to be able to get started on it as soon as the week after Easter.

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