Windcourage - 36 Early Spring by AttorneyAtLawl

Map Description:

This is the second year of Windcourage. I plan on uploading the map every Spring.

Anyway, here we go, Windcourage. I decided to try out a map with Magma this time around, and I'm enjoying it.

However, I also got stuck with a river. A river... full of Carp. Ouch.

Within minutes of starting this fortress, I lost one of my miners to the carp, which drastically lowered my ability to mine. As soon as the immigrants arrived, I turned the Potash Maker and one of the Peasants into miners and they grabbed picks from the other miner's dead body and the forge, which is in full swing since I was lucky enough to get the first caravan to bring not one, but FOUR anvils!

Here's what we've got so far. Not much to look at, but give me time. I already have 22 Copper Bars stacked up and am working on making weapons/armor for the next wave of immigrants, who will be largely turned into military in preparation of anything popping out of the magma. You can already see three imps, and farther down are a few Fire Men. Not good.

Point of Interest: Entrance

Like my other Fortress, this one has a large castle covering the entrance. This time, I installed a moat with a bridge I can easily raise in case of emergency. Right now it is my only line of defense - I really, really hope nothing attacks before either I get my military going or get many traps set up. Thankfully, everything but the trade depot is inside and behind that bridge, meaning I can easily barricade myself inside for as long as I need. - AttorneyAtLawl

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Submitted by: sneakeypete - 2009-05-29 to 36 Early Spring

You should deconstruct your wagon: your dwarves will treat it as a meeting area until you do, and keep getting eaten by the carp.

Nice for otherwise, the entrance being in a hill near a bend in the river feels good, for some reason.

Submitted by: Aristoi - 2009-05-29 to 36 Early Spring

I had always heard they would always use the wagon's location (deconstructed or not) as a meeting area unless you designate another.

Submitted by: AttorneyAtLawl - 2009-05-29 to 37 Early Spring

I didn't even think of that, sneakeypete, but it doesn't matter now - the brushfire toasted the wagon and I made the dining room the new meeting area.I never lost more than the first miner to carp, anyway. I guess I just got lucky.

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Submitted by: YF-23 - 2009-05-30 to 37 Early Spring

You may want to channel an (empty) moat around the magma to avoid future fires. And if you want to access it later for whatever reason, or if a miner blocks himself during channeling to the side of the magma, you can just build a bridge and have it raised/retracted most of the time.

Submitted by: AttorneyAtLawl - 2009-05-30 to 37 Early Spring

I just forbid the area all around it so nobody, especially hunters, goes near it and causes a Fire Imp to attack again. There isn't anything above it that the dwarves need, except for the red sand right next to it, which I've dug an underground tunnel up to so they don't need to go outside to get it anymore.

It wasn't even the fire that I was all that worried about, it was the dumb dwarves who kept trying to pick up their still flaming dead friends.

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2009-05-30 to 38 Early Spring

Oh my. Your volcano appears to be...bleeding.

Submitted by: sneakeypete - 2009-05-31 to 38 Early Spring

I imagine your hunter would have stepped in the magma.

Submitted by: AttorneyAtLawl - 2009-05-31 to 38 Early Spring

Yes, but I assumed that if he stood in magma, he'd die from burns instead of heat, no?

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