Stormwires - 223 Early Winter by Kanddak

Map Description:

I haven't played this fort in a couple months but I've always felt like I ought to export it and put it up on DFMA. I did some lovely experiments in this fort. I stopped playing when there was a tantrum spiral after I threw too many children into the magma. I actually might have been pretty close to riding it out successfully, I just lost interest, and started playing other forts.
This is the fort where I...
...learned about burning coal blocks in iron bins.
...gave every dwarf a luxurious suite of rooms.
...first intensively micromanaged mood materials to make artifacts out of only the most valuable stuff, by giving all moodable workshops either a drop chute or an airlock.
...first micromanaged dwarf skills to make all the farmers and such dabblers in one of the metalworking skills. It worked pretty well, I got a full set of legendary smiths.
...perfected systems for flinging immigrants, nobles, and children into the magma vent.
...made my first tower-cap farm.

Point of Interest: Front lawn / Magma stuff

So this is the front gate area. You'll notice magma tubes connected to the pump tower to the east. There is a control room in the fort where the iron doors can be opened to permit magma to flow from the tubes and incinerate goblins, elves, etc. It is a lovely sight to behold. There is a water gun on the level above, for cooling the magma after a firing of the magma cannons. Then I dig out the obsidian. There is an (unfinished) auxiliary gate a couple levels above that to permit egress while the front lawn is buried under obsidian.
To the southeast you will also see the execution platform, a 10x10 bridge (currently retracted) positioned above the opening of the magma vent. This fort had a very strict immigration policy: Not a metalworker? Die in magma.
Unwanted migrants would be conscripted and stationed on the platform, then locked in and dumped into the magma. Needless to say, the fort's unit list is full of flaming recruits. - Kanddak

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