Foresthall - 204 Early Spring by Aristoi

Map Description:

Population: 31 [+121%] (5 Legendary)
Created Wealth: 350,539 [+2789%]
Imported Wealth: 50,602 [+212%]
Exported Wealth: 4,485 [+499%]
* [NEW] Nebélnakuth, "Admiredbraided", an Aluminum idol (value 219,600)
* [NEW] Umidthad Ostminkot, "Fallcrowd the Folded Corridors", a Golden idol (value 84,000)
Deaths: n/a


The spirits of the trees have smiled upon us this year. Our population has surged, more than doubling. This is due in no small part to our growing renown as a place of amazing creative inspiration. Two of our friends were infused with fey spirits and created the most amazing idols. We were lucky that a caravan was in our depot when the first mood occurred. We had little enough materials to honor the gods with. Now we have many interesting items should they be needed.

This amazing new wealth that we have is sure to attract many new migrants, and our skilled carpenters and woodcutters work day and night to raise the towers higher. It is exacting work, laying out crisscrossing walls and floors. But they keep at it.

We have also dug out dry cellars to store foodstuffs. It seems strange to be under the earth again, but it is only sand, not the hard stone of the depths. Being underground made some ask if it was not time to pierce the aquifer and see what lies below, but there is no hurry.

Our future lies above with the trees, not playing in the dirt.

--Sigun Gasoludib, Expedition Leader

Point of Interest: Cellars

( 204 Early Spring → onwards )

Our cellar complex. - Aristoi

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Submitted by: P-Luke - 2009-05-21 to 202 Early Spring

looks like a great start, can't wait to see this continue :)

Submitted by: Aristoi - 2009-05-24 to 203 Early Spring

@P-Luke: Thank you! I appreciate the compliment!

Submitted by: sneakeypete - 2009-05-25 to 204 Early Spring

The trees are regrowing mighty fast!

Also, a question: do you have invaders turned on?

Submitted by: Aristoi - 2009-05-25 to 204 Early Spring

@sneakeypete: I've been only trimming trees, not clear cutting whole swaths. I was hoping that would help them grow saplings. I actually have no idea if that's how it works!

Regarding invaders, there appear to be no goblins, though that was unintentional. I guess they were wiped out during map generation and I didn't notice. I am getting 2-3 kobold thieves with each caravan, but with about 40 war dogs now they are not too dangerous. Maybe a war with the elves once the towers are done....

Submitted by: sneakeypete - 2009-05-26 to 204 Early Spring

Ah. I've always worked on the principle that they grow up randomly, and thus more will be spawned if there's less trees there already taking up room. So i usually just clear cut the entire map every year or two.

Submitted by: Aristoi - 2009-05-26 to 204 Early Spring

@sneakeypete: You might be right on that. I have read that they grow back even if there are no trees left. It would be nice to know for sure what was more efficient for tree creation.

Submitted by: P-Luke - 2009-05-26 to 205 Early Spring

wow, this is progressing quite steadily. seems like this will be an awesome project :)

Submitted by: Aristoi - 2009-05-27 to 205 Early Spring

@P-Luke: Thanks! I really had no idea quite how much micromanagement it would take to build the towers. Not being able to build walls on floors means a lot of pre-planning. I basically have to decide what the next level up will be in order to put the roof on the current level!

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