Lanternattacks - 307 Early Spring by sneakeypete

Map Description:

Lanternattacks has survived 4 years now. yay!

Spring was relatively quite, and I managed to finish work on the cliff. I also built a proper barracks and some fortifications for the entrance.

Orcs attacked in summer, but we repelled them with ease. Noteable was my master mason/building designer who managed to slip through an entire squad of Orc slashers without takeing a single scratch, making it back to the safety of the fort. I spent a lot of the time cleaning up the stone that littered my fort, netting a noticeable fps boost.

I spent Autumn hauling in wood and coals, and I set up an above ground safe area on the peak of the mountain, so my dwarves can party out with great views. My mason also constructed a road for caravans.

Winter bought a pair of goblin ambushes, which were also easily repelled, though with the loss of one of the forts pet cats (i'm so sad, really). Most work carried out was inside, digging new rooms and hallways, including an area for future shops. I also discovered the cave river.

All in all, 306 was a good year. I completed my wishlist, and didn't do anything to horrible.

Wishlist for 307:
- Properly fortify above ground meeting area
- get my army wearing full steel plate
- Build a grand dining room (and I mean grand)
- Tap the cave river

Point of Interest: Entrance

( 307 Early Spring → 307 Mid Spring )

Now with less general clutter. And fortifications.

There's still a few things i need to move underground, however the workshops left out (jeweler, butchery, fishery) are rarely used. A underground path to the well might be beneficial as well. - sneakeypete

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Submitted by: Markavian` - 2009-05-17 to 305 Early Spring

Looking good, I like the layout and spacing of the rooms below the food depot, the gaps in the layers for small workshops, very compact and clear.

I also approve of the excavation of the cliff - a good way to designate a large block of stone to be removed without scarring the landscape.

Submitted by: Aristoi - 2009-05-25 to 307 Early Spring

Nicely done. I like the natural cave entrance look. Very dwarf-like.

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