Boatsdreams - 316 Late Summer by okiN

Map Description:

In the eleventh year of the rogue settlement Boatsdreams, the rebel town has expanded enough to accommodate all the basic requirements of life with a slew of new buildings including workshops, a number of guard towers to defend against invaders and ambushers, and a new inn.

Nil Roughscours has risen to prominence as a kingpin and his enforcers and bodyguards make sure everyone keeps more or less in line. In the meanwhile, captain Fath Entranceboats has gathered his crew, and the two strongdwarves have decided to collaborate in turning Boatsdreams into a notorious pirate haven. Plans for a large dock and shipyard operation are expected to begin at any moment.

A wild rumor is circulating that the captain means to use the pair of captured dragons as weapons on his flagship. The skeletal titan has found its place as a disposal for counterrevolutionaries, its cave lined with the bones of treacherous dwarves.

Point of Interest: Barracks

( 316 Late Summer → onwards )

The kingpin's men train and sleep here. Troublemakers are kept in the cells on the ground floor. - okiN

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Submitted by: sneakeypete - 2009-05-22 to 311 Late Autumn

Is... is that a micro ocean?

Submitted by: Doppel - 2009-05-22 to 316 Late Summer

Looks like it. I've also had them before, awesome areas to built fortresses imo. What puzzles me though is the brook going right through it.
Anyways, very nice.

Submitted by: okiN - 2009-05-23 to 316 Late Summer

I picked the site because it was pretty and had nice biomes. I really wish it had magma and less aquifers, though. Also, I regret killing off all the wild animals. :(

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-05-23 to 316 Late Summer

Titan's lair... you captured a titan and use it for punishment?

Submitted by: okiN - 2009-05-23 to 316 Late Summer

A _skeletal_ titan. But yeah. I also caught a third (!) dragon a while ago, and the captain gained a title... he is now captain Fath Entranceboats the Null Skulls of Blockading, in command of the squad The Fenced Sabres. This is one piratey dwarf. :D

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