Masterbasement - 201 Mid Spring by tyroney

Map Description:

The humble beginnings of The Guilds of Virginity.

Point of Interest: The first Dormitory

A dry spot dug out of the silty clay. Time to design 2.0 - tyroney

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Submitted by: Nilus - 2009-05-16 to 202 Early Spring

Apart from the clever name, it's not very interesting.

Submitted by: David - 2010-04-20 to 201 Mid Spring

:p yeah, but if that thing got out, it's be fun everybody.

Submitted by: Caranha - 2010-04-20 to 203 Early Spring

I disagree, it is a nice little fort, and I really liked the embarked location. The Aqueduct was an unnecessarily complicated (and thus completely dwarven) solution to a simple problem :-)

You guys have a standing spire with 3 Z levels high - build something magnificent there! :-)

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