The Construct of Who - 251 Late Autumn by Sourlout

Map Description:

The Construct of Whores, with in the first year of settling in a new region. From the regional prospector, it listed a lava pit in the bottom right, HFS top left, and a bottomless cave to the left & above the underground lake.

My only hope is that I will play longer then 3 game years without losing interest in the fort... (I often try out some idea, then get frustrated as the framerate slows up and... the new idea kills everyone)

The goals of this fort:
To channel to the lava pit in the bottom right and stream it up under the base.
Also desired is a underground farm.
Thinking about cutting into the river and having it pour into the bottomless pit, to create a power generator.
Normally, I would create an Obsidian farm, but that won't be needed on this level.

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