Lusterlens - 203 Mid Winter by Retales

Map Description:

This chapter of the Tale of Lusterlens will be really short. Only a short while after the last entry, things went from bad to worse faster than any overseer would expect.

Already 10 dead dwarves, several more are either melancholic or raving mad, many are wounded and basically all are at the brink of insanity.

Tantruming dwarves also destroyed both the bridges, so whoever are in the fort are now stranded. A few are left outside, but there are wolves stalking about, so either way they are pretty much screwed.

So a bloody end seems to be pretty much inevitable. The question is, will the next reclaim group survive this cursed place? :P

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Submitted by: Katsuun - 2009-04-28 to 205 Mid Winter

Wow, this fortress should be epic eventually, assumign you dont die (yet again). How did you get carp in an ocean though? I always embark on oceans but never get anything at all, even on terrifying maps.

Submitted by: Retales - 2009-04-28 to 206 Mid Spring

It's a freshwater lake. At least most of the carps are in that small pond, maybe all of them. Other fish have killed my dwarves too, or at least made them fall from the smaller bridge (which I've dismantled now)

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