Lusterlens - 203 Early Winter by Retales

Map Description:

Following the crazy idea "Lets dig the fortress entrance to that cliff facing a lake", seven brave and crazy dwarves prepared for the insane mission. Death soon befell upon them in the jaws of deadly aquatic life.

Soon after that a larger group set out to the same location to "take over that crazy lakeside fort". There really was strength in numbers and even though quite a few dwarves have lost their lives in the jaws of the elusive carps, the building of the fortress progressed quickly.

Only a few years after the arrival of the reclaim group, the state of the fort has started to decline quickly. While the fortress is of average dwarven quality, the population have grown restless.

It all started with skilled craftsdwarf going berserk due to a mood and killing a few other dwarves. Friends and family of the victims turned their sorrow into anger and started wrecking places. One of these dwarves broke a bridge while a well-liked mason was standing on it. The mason soon drowned, making his friends and relatives flip out even more. As chance would have it, there was a carp attack rather soon, which will propably turn out to have been the last straw. Another dwarf went berserk in the statue garden, wounding a couple of others. He was 'pacified' quickly, but the damage was already done.

How will the tale of Lusterlens end?

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Submitted by: Katsuun - 2009-04-28 to 205 Mid Winter

Wow, this fortress should be epic eventually, assumign you dont die (yet again). How did you get carp in an ocean though? I always embark on oceans but never get anything at all, even on terrifying maps.

Submitted by: Retales - 2009-04-28 to 206 Mid Spring

It's a freshwater lake. At least most of the carps are in that small pond, maybe all of them. Other fish have killed my dwarves too, or at least made them fall from the smaller bridge (which I've dismantled now)

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