Steelpet - 202 Early Spring by Marko

Map Description:

This is just a simple proof of concept for what I have called the Magma Moses. Using screw pumps, a narrow channel of magma is lifted away that can allow entrance to your fortress, however with a pull of the lever, the pumps turn off, and the magma comes rushing in, burning anything inside. To reset, you just fire up the pumps again, and drop the bridge to clear out any extra magma. Check out the associated video to see it in action!

Point of Interest: Magma Moses

( 202 Early Spring → onwards )

This is the 'Magma Moses' A path is cut through the red sea of magma to allow visitors to pass, but just pull a lever, and the path comes crashing down, swallowing up any invaders in a fire storm! - Marko

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