Hearth of Healing - 1062 Early Winter by Mzbundifund

Map Description:

A city built over an artificial lake. Seven unique towers corresponding to earth, wind, water, fire, life, death, and magic. A true megaproject!

Point of Interest: Grand Hall

The white and black checkerboard floors of the grand hall form a unique and memorable space for the citizens of the Hearth to dine. - Mzbundifund

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Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2009-04-14 to 1062 Early Winter

Holy Awesome Fudge!

You are an artist. And I thought I had skill...

Submitted by: Varkarrus - 2009-04-14 to 1062 Early Winter

How do traders get to the trade depot?

Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2009-04-15 to 1062 Early Winter

It looks like the traders walk across the brook. The brook doesn't count as a water tile until you channel it.

Submitted by: YF-23 - 2009-04-15 to 1062 Early Winter

That's... Incredible. Kinda expected the towers to be, you know, higher. Like, you know. Towers.

But even as it is right now it is incredible.

Submitted by: Lux782 - 2009-04-16 to 1062 Early Winter

What tileset are you using? Its got pretty walls.

Submitted by: [deleted] - 2009-05-02 to 1062 Early Winter

What really stands out to me in this fortress is a contrast of symmetry between the main body of the fortress, and the asymmetrical design of the towers. Overall, very impressive, and I'd love to know which tileset that is, because mayday's just does not work for me.

Submitted by: Silfurdreki - 2009-05-24 to 1062 Early Winter

This fortress is indeed very beautiful and I really think it deserves to be expanded. Make the towers higher, for example. A fortess is never complete! ;)

Oh, and to the people that asked what tileset this is, I believe that it's Dorten's smooth walls tileset, seen here: http://www.dwarffortresswiki.net/index.php/File:720x225_SmoothWalls.PNG

Submitted by: Mzbundifund - 2009-07-12 to 1062 Early Winter

Yes that is the tileset. The towers will probably not get much higher, as many of the materials are not local, and importing the kimberlite and cobaltite needed for the tower of water, or the rose gold/black bronze materials for the tower of magic will take about 7 years just to add a single extra level to each. I don't like altering reactions to cheat up free materials. If I think of something new to add to this fort I might change it, but for now it's on to new prospects.

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