Waterworld - 211 Mid Autumn by Pkassad

Map Description:

I suddenly got the urge to build a fort encased in water. So I decided to build approximately a 50x50 block that was 10 z levels deep. The idea is to completly encase the fort, including the bottom. I will leave 4 giant supports for the fort to sit on, having an air lock that leads to the mines which would be separated from the main fort. So far I have managed to dig out 2 full floors and working on the 3rd. I just finished shaving the roof. Will still take many years to finish, but when the migrants come it will pick up speed.

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Submitted by: dingusMcGee - 2009-04-13 to 211 Mid Autumn

Ya' know... this is the sort of madness that led to the destruction of Boatmurdered.

Submitted by: Pkassad - 2009-04-14 to 211 Mid Autumn

Whats so "mad" about it? :P In my sleep last night I decided to install 6-12 pumps on the bottom floors that will allow me to pump out my fort if water ever somehow breaches the airlock to the mines.

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